3 April 2017

I’ll be honest: I was rather nervous about today. Although I would never have admitted it to anyone this morning, I was scared. There were lots of challenges waiting for me today, any of which might go hazardously. At 08:45 am our group of six students drove away from the university to sit in our first interview with a real consulting agency who would – finger crossed – be able to enlighten our short sighted views on GIS. My navigator and I whisked through the reams of traffic easily enough and found ourselves the first ones of the group there. So I could tick that one off my list. I didn’t get lost! Not once. And I was first to arrive. Good, now I just had to make it into the building, sit through the interview and try to look like I understood everything our informant was saying, and then politely ask my questions whilst conveying that I was competent and knew sort of what I was talking about. Fortunately I was not alone in my nervous state. The boys seemed OK (or they hid their nerves well), but my girlfriends and I could admit to each other in a slightly high-pitched frenzy that we had no idea what to expect and that we missed our mommies! We struck up memories of the first time we had to make and attend doctors appointments. I was used to my mom doing all the talking. “She has a fever, and a cough and her throat is red raw, doctor, what can we do?” Now I just sit for a moment breathing on the other side of the desk, hoping mom will come sweeping in to handle it for me. But she doesn’t. And I get through it alright. Perhaps I stumble once or twice over my words, turn red when she politely asks about carnal activities, and swallow too loudly when she puts the stethoscope on my chest. But I make it. Just like we made it through the interview today.

We’re armed with so much hidden knowledge that our parents have passed to us without us even knowing. It remains there, waiting for us to be brave enough to use it. I honestly didn’t even want to leave the house this morning… but now I know I can trust my abilities: drive to a place I’ve never been without getting lost; engage in conversation about a topic I know very little of; and walk away so much wiser with a heart full of confidence. And there’ll always be someone a little more nervous than me.

Author: Ilonka

A BSc student from South Africa, and I'm finding the pull of the unexplored world more and more compelling. Combine that with a love of writing and a need to be immersed in nature, and you find the dawn of This wanderful Adventure.

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