4 April 2017

Our Beautiful, blue sky…

Free time. It’s a concept that holds so much promise! Think of everything you can do in that precious little packet of the fourth dimension! Free time for me usually means doing everything I never get to do when I have to study for tests or complete projects. Creative writing! Drawing! Playing music and making songs! YOGA! Spending a few well deserved hours window shopping! Or just chilling somewhere beautiful, surrounded by shades of green and the sounds of nature. It’s magic time!

Unfortunately, the way I actually spend me free time is somewhat different to how I planned to spend it. TV. Snacks. And not moving from my chair for the whole day. I’m not proud. It’s one thing doing that once in a while… but losing your potential magic time for “slothing” around is something totally different. I’ve discovered it’s a habit – not a very good one. Too much of it steals my productivity and turns me into an undesirable version of myself. So much so that I’ve even started to turn against the prospect of free time.

Hopefully, I can snap out of that withering routine, and instead slip into something that brings me more satisfaction!

Free time well spent…


Let me know: what do you guys do with your free time?

Author: Ilonka

A BSc student from South Africa, and I'm finding the pull of the unexplored world more and more compelling. Combine that with a love of writing and a need to be immersed in nature, and you find the dawn of This wanderful Adventure.

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