A holiday begins…

The sun slipping into the blanket of blue for the night.
The sun slipping into the blanket of blue for the night.

Just recently my family and I traveled down to Brenton-on-Sea for a holiday. With two cars packed full of boxes, books and furniture (which is slowly making its way down to the coast in anticipation of my parents’ retirement in a few years), and a parrot and boerboel squished into the only remaining space on the backseat, we made our way down. A good 12 hours later, we arrived just as the sun was setting into the blanket of blue sea we can spy from our balcony. It was good to unpack and bring life into the home again – this one that we’re slowly starting to make ours. After 2 months of standing closed and drawn, the air that swept through the windows and doors ushered out its stiller and lifeless counterpart. We pulled covers from the beds and furniture, dusted off the counters and settled down quickly. It was a long hard drive, but the holiday that awaited us was soon beginning!

Author: Ilonka

A BSc student from South Africa, and I'm finding the pull of the unexplored world more and more compelling. Combine that with a love of writing and a need to be immersed in nature, and you find the dawn of This wanderful Adventure.

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