Konka – part 1

Firefly Fountains

A weekend away – it’s exactly what I’ve needed. To be 100km away from home surrounded by veld and mountains: Divine! We’ turn off the main road long after the sun has set and hobble through potholes and bumps until a thatch gate borders the road on our right. We’ve arrived at the Konka Sport Camping: beautiful grounds that offer a space for team building, special events, conferences or camps. We’re here for a choir camp. Inside, there’s a winding path that leads us through window-high grass and delivers us to the crossing of a low water bridge. I hold my breath as we cross, ridiculously terrified that we might get swept away. But the water is low and only trickles lazily over the concrete. Although it’s dark, we continue to drive through what promises to be lovely gardens. Fountains are aglow like fireflies in the dark, with a green light bringing their shapes to life. And above us, the sky is pure night, glittering with stars. After dropping our bags we’re herded to the dinner table where the aroma of good, homely food draws us in. There’s a simple procedure. Dish up. Eat up. Clean up. The food is so good! It is home cooked and bursting with love. We eat rice with stew, and salads that lay a multitude of flavours and texture on our tongues. They even cater for specific dietary preferences such as veganism, vegetarian or pescatarian.  Especially after a long day and at start of what will be a long (hopefully winning) weekend, dinner gives us the strength we need.

After dinner we find our rooms. Sophisticated and quaint. Delightful and charming. I like them. The rooms sell comfort and I’m eager to buy into them.

First, though, a quick rehearsal to get things going. After accidentally leaving our keyboard cable at home, the staff at Konka work their magic and conjure up a keyboard for us to use. Fantastic service guys! Despite feeling tired and pulled by the call of our beds, we sing with gusto and enjoy a quick immersion into music.

But now the day is done, and breakfast is only eight hours away. We ramble off to our rooms and submit to what night the holds.

Author: Ilonka

A BSc student from South Africa, and I'm finding the pull of the unexplored world more and more compelling. Combine that with a love of writing and a need to be immersed in nature, and you find the dawn of This wanderful Adventure.

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