Konka – part 2

This is Konka

I’m not eager to be pulled from my bed by the sound of my alarm. Our night stretched on later than we’d anticipated it to, and buoyed by girlish silliness I still had enough energy to write a ridiculous (and never to be published) Ode to the Night which finally left me to sleep at 4am. Added to that, I found myself sharing my single bed with one of my friends, who had discovered that she had been locked out of her room by her roommates.  They were apparently afraid of being bombarded by lions thus leaving her no other choice but to run back to our chalet in search of sleeping space. Fortunately, there is enough coffee, tea and breakfast to get our engines revving for the heavy day ahead.

Singing with such a talented group is magical! I seldom get tired of it. The task of reading the music, learning its challenging pattern and hearing those detached melodies coming together to blend into one, harmonious piece of genius is breath-taking! It will always keep me enchanted. Our voice leader for the weekend – beautiful, charismatic and energetic Charlotte – smuggles sweets into the choir room to use as bribery for when we become too spent to sing. Despite the long hours we put into learning the music, repeating chords over and over and over until they become stencilled into our muscle memory we end the day on a high note (Embrace the pun!). The rest of our Saturday evening is ours to do with as we please.

Comfort in a chalet
Comfort in a chalet

Before the sun sets and we begin to party, I take a moment to enjoy Konka’s beauty. It’s surrounded by majestic mountains and thickly growing veldt. Bricked paths run like a maze between the dorms and chalets, and are sheltered by the green arms of Acacia trees. Outside each chalet stands a bench and table, and the dormitories meet at a communal braai area. The dining area looks out over the river, which is complete with a foofie slide and obstacle course. If one walks beyond the low water bridge, a large, bright-green sports field stretches up to a swimming pool, a mini-golf course and some smaller jungle gyms. Konka is an outdoor adventure place, with added comfort to retreat to after a long day. Just the sort of thing a girl from the city needs to escape to.

The brick paths diverge
The brick paths diverge

The Konka staff braai for us that evening, and the characteristic taste of smoke and a slight chargrill makes dinner perfect! We’re all tired and hungry from a long days work, but the night is still only beginning. The choir puts on an impulsive show for the staff and the other visitors to the camp, and from there the party begins. The rest… is history.

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A BSc student from South Africa, and I'm finding the pull of the unexplored world more and more compelling. Combine that with a love of writing and a need to be immersed in nature, and you find the dawn of This wanderful Adventure.

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